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60 Minutes

Our signature facial will leave you glowing and on cloud 9. This treatment is personalized to address specific needs within your skin. Beginning with a double cleanse, a thorough skin analysis and education on your specific skin needs will be done to determine the remainder of the treatment. This will include, but is not limited to, appropriate exfoliation, thorough extractions, a blissful facial massage, arm and hand massage, facial mask, skin changing serums, and a moisturizer. This facial is the perfect place to start your skincare journey.



75 Minutes

The facial is specifically designed to address every aspect of visibly aging skin. Deep exfoliation will open up the skin to accept cell energizing nourishment to interrupt damage. Heavy doses of antioxidants, vitamins, collagen, and hyaluronic acid will leave the skin supple and smooth. This treatment is perfect for those wanting to stop ongoing damage and start a new season of healthy improving skin.

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75 Minutes

The cure for terribly dry and thirsty skin. Dryness and dehydration can come from many different factors and this treatment will be personally designed to address your root cause. Appropriate exfoliation followed by an array of vitamins and barrier repairing ingredients will bring moisture, balance, and resiliency back to your skin. Achieving the perfect hospitable environment will allow your skin to thrive and shine



60 Minutes

This healing treatment is what anybody suffering from acne deserves. A deep cleansing and exfoliation appropriate for your needs will be used to open up the skin, allowing it to breathe and to release dirt and bacteria. Thorough extractions followed by a soothing correcting mask will leave your skin feeling more smooth and on the track to recovery.



75 Minutes

Internal and external stressors can leave what appears to be a permanent discoloration on the skin. These colors can show up as red, brown, yellow, or an overall sallow and malaise appearance. This tone correcting and hydroquinone free treatment is great for all skin types, including very sensitive. Not only will your complexion be more even and bright but your skin will also be stronger and more resistant to further  damage.



75 Minutes

This full facial will help your skin reap all of the benefits of dermaplaning. A deep cleansing, exfoliation with a medical grade scalpel, appropriate peel, thorough extractions, muscle relaxing massage, and a powerful antioxidant blend will energize your skin tissue. This followed by a skin perfecting mask packed with amino acids will leave your skin instantly plumped and noticeably more radiant.

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SERIES OF 3 $525

60 Minutes

This medical grade peel is perfect for those who are experiencing early signs of aging, mild acne, or sun damage. With one treatment of this retinoid, glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid blend, you will see improvement in your skin. It will be more smooth and clear, and a more even skin tone will be apparent. All of this is achieved with little to no downtime and minimal irritation. Best results are achieved in a series of 3 treatments once every 4 weeks.


SERIES OF 3 $675

60 Minutes

A more intensive and higher acidic version of the Recapture Peel. This is not a beginners peel and is for those who have more moderate signs of aging, scarring, wrinkles, or sun damage. 1-3 treatments of the Recapture Peel or a home prep will be necessary before receiving the Revision Peel. You will still experience little to no downtime, with mild discomfort during treatment. Best results are achieved in a series of 3 treatments every 4 weeks.

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30-45 Minutes

A short and sweet version of our signature Bliss facial that is perfect for those on a tight schedule or needing a quick pick me up. This treatment is also a great place for teens or young adults to start their skincare journey.



60 Minutes

This treatment addresses concerns on an area often missed, the face of the back. A deep cleansing and exfoliation with extractions will allow the skin to breathe. This will be followed by a luxurious back massage to help relax your muscles and create circulation within the skin. Finished with a deeply nourishing mask, your skin will be left refreshed and with a healthy glow.


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Add Dermaplaning:
Add Back Treatment:

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Extensive Extractions:
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Eyebrow Shaping:

Eyebrow Tinting:
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